Nigerian High Commission in Ghana dissolves All Nigeria Community-GH EXCO

    • Calls for probity and
    • accountability
    • Tells City Light Boss to deliver documents

The many crises that had been rocking All Nigeria Community in Ghana (ANC-GH) may sense some relieves following the decisive approach by the Nigeria High Commission to wade into matter with governmental hammer.
The crises had been on since the day of the former High Commissioner, H.E Ademola Onafowokan but was unable to resolve the issue before he went on retirement. The situation which was not palatable welcomed the present Acting High Commissioner with the crises becoming messier and further destroying the image of the Nigerians in Ghana.
The Acting High Commissioner, Her Excellency Mrs. Adekunbi Abibat Sonaike-Ayodeji held a special meeting with the leaders of the various communities that formed the ANC and shortly after the close door meeting a press briefing took place to pass on the decision by the High Commission in collaboration with the leaders of the communities.

Mrs. Sonaike-Adedeji while briefing the press stated that the High Commission which is the governmental body saddled with the responsibility to provide right direction to Nigerians in Ghana and ensure that the country’s image is not brought to disrepute as the case is could no longer keep silent but to address the issue in the interest of peace and unity of Nigerian Community in Ghana. She said following the various attack on personalities in the media and court cases that has reduced the community to nothing but a battle ground, the present ANC-GH Executive is hereby dissolved with immediate effect and the Nigerian Community leaders constituted into a caretaker Committee to run the affairs of the association, pending the conduct of an inclusive election of a new executive. The caretaker committee has till of latest February 2017 to conduct fresh election.
The acting High Commissioner emphasized that the Moses Owharo led administration is been dissolved with immediate effect. “The dissolved executive of the ANC, headed by Mr. Moses Owharo as well as the competing faction led by Dr. Prince Emmanuel Okeson are, by this notice advised to cease forthwith from parading themselves as ANC-GH officials”.
She further stated: “In addition, the outgoing executive of Mr. Moses Owharo is enjoined to render account of stewardship to the caretaker Committee, in the spirit of probity, transparency, and in consonance with the ideals of the present Nigerian administration, and similarly, Dr. Prince Okeson is to handover All ANC-GH instruments, authorities and document to the caretaker Committee to ensure the smooth running of the Association”.

Her Excellency Mrs. Adekunbi Abibat Sonaike-Ayodeji

The Acting High Commissioner also mentioned that the Owharo led administration had overstayed its two years tenure as provided by the 2013 constitution that brought the executive into power, “By the constitution, he was to leave office September 2015 but they are still in charge till November 4, 2016 which is additional one year which is illegal as provided by the 2013 constitution.” She also explained that the Caretaker Committee will review the 2013 constitution within the period of three months.
It would be recalled that Moses Owharo had developed another working paper tagged, Bible-like constitution that has changed most of the positions in the previous constitution that brought him to power, it will also be recalled that the election that brought the executive to power was held at the premises of the Nigeria High Commission, administration was sworn in under the flag of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at the Nigeria High Commission, the then High Commissioner H.E Ademola Onafowokan gave some money to the Moses executive to support the activities of the Association, one can then say technically, at that time the Embassy has got the power to monitor the activities of the Association and can as well decide to ensure peace in the face of trouble which has n=been the situation with the Association.
After the briefing, Pleasures magazine spoke with some of the leaders of the Communities that were at the meeting, the leader of South-South, Igbo, Yoruba and Arewa all commended the initiative by the High Commission, they said the situation has become so bad that if such measure is not taken, there may be killing of each other and to avoid that the High Commission had taken the right step.

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