Rev George Adegboye was born on 7th December, 1958 in Offa, Kwara State into polygamy and Baptist family. Polygamy in Africa is seen as a social and not a religious matter.

In fact in the olden days ones status was determined by the number of wives and children a man had in the society. Though, he was born in a mission church, George broke the tradition by establishing a Pentecostal church with a tradition which is against polygamy and different from a mission church.

According to Ojo the church has about 50,000 members. The church has a beautiful architectural design. The majority of the members of the church are youths, most especially students in tertiary institutions in Ilorin.

George Adegboye was a former Lecturer at the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin before he went into full time ministry. He is versatile in quoting the Bible off hand. He is therefore referred to as “mobile bibleâ€. The church has a bible training institute and a nursery and primary school. A printing press was established to handle the printing of tracts and other related church books.

In propagating the gospel, the Pastor is always on the Nigerian Television Authority, Ilorin every Sunday at 2.00-2.30pm. He is assisted by his wife Rev Mrs. Oluruntoyin Adegboye. In other words, women are given the opportunity to serve as a leader in the church.The church is located along the University of Ilorin road in Tanke.

George Olawale Adegboye is an Apostle of the New Testament, with a commission to “Take the Word to the nations of the World, emphasizing its integrity. He is the President of the Ever Increasing Word Ministries, also known as Rhema Chapel International Churches, with many branches worldwide.george_adegboye_l
He is also the President of the Word of Victory Bible Training Institute and the Young Ministers Teaching School, which are the training arm of the ministry. He teaches the word extensively with a simplistic practical prophetic insight. He is in great demand all over the world across denominations and independent churches for conventions, seminars and outreaches.

He always brings a message of challenge, inspiration and motivation. To him, teaching and preaching the Word is an all consuming passion. His numerous admirers worldwide, because of the profusion and accuracy with which he quotes relevant portions of scriptures to support his statements and claims, fondly refer to him fondly as the “Walking Concordance†and at times as the “Walking Bibleâ€.rev-george-adegboye

He has being instrumental in helping to birth, father, mentor, train, adjust, repair, place, encourage, motivate and send forth several fit and capable ministers into the harvest fields of the

He has been used to impart and transform many young men and women into flaming fire brand ministers of the Gospel in several nations of the world. His ministry resource materials are always in great demand.

He is committed to making the word of God available all over the world through every available means. He hosts the weekly Word and You telecast programme on many Television Stations in Nigeria.


George Olawale Adegboye holds a Master Degree in Sociology. He is married to Oloruntoyin Modupeola and they are blessed with three children; Faith, Faithful, Faithfulness. They reside in Ilorin, Nigeria.

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