Why Odunlade Adekola is the complete Nollywood actor

• These challenging roles he has seamlessly taken up show why he is the complete Nollywood actor.
Odunlade-ad Why Odunlade Adekola is the complete Nollywood actor
At the moment, Odunlade Adekola is one of the most in-demand actors in Nollywood.
The 37-year-old actor’s diversity in characters played has won him several awards and ultimately, has made him a fan favourite.
These are some of the challenging roles he has seamlessly and impressively taken up, justifying why he is the complete Nollywood actor.
1. Odunlade the Lover BoyOdunlade-adekol Odunlade has proven he knows how to make ladies swoon on camera. And Osomo and Apase are a couple of the movies he has shown his romantic attributes.
2. Odunlade the toutOdunlade-Adekola-acts-mad When it comes to playing a street urchin, the actor is also quite capable. His blockbuster movie Sunday Dagboru, and Oba Ghetto, readily come to mind.
3. Odunlade the jokerOdunla This is arguably the character that has endeared him most to movie lovers the most. He has good humour and can mix with the best of them. Abule Meko is a prime example.
4. Odunlade the criminalOduna Odunlade plays the role of a criminal so impressively; he manages to evoke emotions. He cuts a perfect daredevil figure when he slips into the robbery role. He was a daredevil criminal in Adebayo Aremu Abere.
5. Odunlade the herbalistOdunlade-aa Odunlade can also fit effortlessly into a herbalist role. He spoke out incantations like it was nothing cake in Alani Pamolekun and Oga Leyi.
6. Odunlade the pastorRonke-Odunsanya-Odunlade-Adekola Then he can quickly make you forget his thunderous incantations by smoothly quoting Bible verses. See Irin Ajo Eda.
7. Odunlade the Muslim clericOdunlade-Adekola-In-Turban-2016-AlabamaUncut-02 Switch it up, give him the Quran and Tesbih, and he will give Muslim clerics a run for their money. He did due justice to this role in Shola Arikusa.
8. Odunlade the Mad Mangiphy-4 His role as a mad man in Osupa brings as much laughter as it very well approaches reality.
9. Odunlade the Security GuardOA Odunlade also knows a thing or two about interpreting roles in uniforms.
10. Odunlade the Police Officergiphyer-400x225 Put him in the black uniform of the Nigeria Police Force and he also doesn’t disappoint. Adigun Oga Oga is a prime example.

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