Olubunmi Mary Crown Gbadewole: Trailblazer Turning Ideas into Reality and Opportunity into Success

Born to the family of Dr and Mrs Olufemi Adeyemi, Olubunmi Mary Crown Gbadewole is the Founder/CEO of Crownbee Global Services Limited, a leading multi-niche company which deals in customised merchandise such as corporate gifts, promotional items and event souvenirs in Nigeria.

Gbadewole, a graduate of Igbinedion University, Okada started her business only about a year ago with N1000.
Conceptualising Crownbee Global Services Limited according to her started ‘’when my mother visited and noticed that we were having regular power supply and then, she said there was relatively uninterrupted power supply and potable water, so why not start doing something? And that opened my eyes immediately to the opportunities available to me. So, I quickly sent for polymer worth of about N1000 and I filled them with water and loaded them in the freezer. After two days they freeze into blocks and me and my security man went out and sold them for N500. Then I made it ten on the next turn and sold for N1000, then 20 and sold for N2000 and I grew from there till I bought a used Ice block making machine from someone who was traveling and started producing one hundred pieces of ice blocks daily and raking in an average of N10, 000 every day. With my profit I was able to buy more machines and began to produce up to 550 pieces plus every day, thereby making an average of N60, 000 to N70, 000 every day.’’

Having established herself firmly in the ice block making business, Gbadewole proceeded to register her company called Crownbee global service Nigeria Limited and diversified into another business called Crownbee Gifts on Express.

Mrs Olubunmi Mary Crown Gbadewole

Crownbee Gifts on Express specializes in gift packaging which can be delivered across Nigeria. The company specialise in packaging specially customized gifts and delivering timely to the targeted recipients or beneficiaries on behalf of individuals, couples and corporate bodies in Nigeria.
‘’At CrownBee Gifts on Express, we handle the packaging and delivery of specially customized gifts for all categories of people in Nigeria. We take your pains and save you time and stress,’’ she said.
Furthermore, she said CrownBee services are not only saving client’s time and stress ‘’but we are also easing tensions in people and mending fences, especially among couples and young relationships. For instance, there was a client that contacted us to customize a gift for her friend on her next birthday and it happened that the woman underwent a surgical operation about that time and incidentally she was discharged from the hospital on the same day we were to deliver her gift. So when the courier man got there with her customized gift, she was told that ‘somebody was here to see her’ and on coming out, her specially customized gift was delivered to her. It can only be imagined how relieved and happy she became at that time.’’

Another classic example was ‘’a youth corps member that was then serving in Sokoto who we were contacted to customize gift for and deliver to her as a surprise. We did that timely and it was an awesome experience. I can tell you for free that the corper lady and the guy in question are getting married this year.’’
‘’The list is endless I must say,’’ she said, adding that when asked about the scope of coverage of her business, Gbadewole said the ice block supply is at the moment limited to Abuja and its environs but, CrownBee Gifts on Express is now nation-wide because the gifts company is in partnership with a courier company that handles delivery to any state and any geo-political zone of the country for our clients.

Gbadewole eulogized her husband, Mr Crown, in her interview granted to PLEASURES MAGAZINE, describing him as being supportive of her business, which she said has been a catalyst to her courage to push on for greater exploits as well as being largely responsible for the rapid growth of her business.
She, however, urged married Nigerian men to support their wives’ dreams, business ambitions and drives as it will strengthen their bond as well as the bliss of their marriage, which will, in turn, make their lives more economically viable. Consequently, Gbadewole encouraged Nigerians to cultivate the habit of gifting as the act has magical positive effects on humans generally.

Olubunmi Mary with husband Amos Gbadewole

She cited an example of a situation where a staff has been penciled for sack and her sack letter was already prepared without her knowledge but on the day she was to be served her letter she resumed work with a well-packaged customized gift for her boss, no doubt, that boss will have a rethink about his decision and the staff might just be saved her job without even knowing what was about to befall her.

Our aim is to supply gifts to the Nigerian consumers for all occasions; seasonal, corporate or luxury gifts and souvenirs (wedding, bridal and baby shower and promotional) that are not just unique and handy, but are at UNBEATABLE PRICES. We have a team of experts who constantly comb through the globe in search of such gifts to make shopping a whole lot easier for our end users. By so doing, we have built and keep building, a strong and reputable brand that we are proud to represent any day, anytime!

You may ask yourself, ‘Why shop with CROWN BEE GIFT ON EXPRESS’? Well, WHY NOT? Below are a few reasons why it will be hard to shop with anyone else!
CUSTOMER SERVICE: We pride ourselves in EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMERS SERVICE AND AFTERCARE SALES and ensure all our customers receive the best service and attention at all times.

QUALITY: No matter what, we do NOT compromise on the quality of our products.
SECURE SHOPPING: We use bank secure servers to handle all sensitive credit/debit card to ensure you have 100% security and peace of mind. We do NOT and will NEVER store your card information.

LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED: Our prices are very competitive; it’s not about the margin for us but about you getting absolute value for your money. When you choose to buy in bulk, prices drop down further making it a shopper’s delight!
VARIETY: Our range of gifts is very extensive. We are constantly at par with our counterparts in the west with regards latest souvenirs and gifts so you never feel like you are missing anything or have to travel out for anything. Sometimes we get newer deals even before them!

You can reach our dedicated team on 08056711306 , 08153226070 or visit us at Grey Plaza, Dunukofia Street. Area 11 Garki Abuja, Nigeria.
For more about Crownbee global service LTD
Visit www.crownbeegift.com
You can also find crownbeegift on express on social media:
Facebook: crownbeegift
Instagram: @crownbeee , @crownbeegift




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