Oozing With The Scent Of Success! The Making Of A Young Nigerian Billionaire Perfumer: Adewale Aladejana

It is now common knowledge that hundreds of thousands of young Nigerian graduates are without gainful employment in the country. Many people have advanced reasons like poor economy, bad governance, corruption, and lack of access to capital to start their businesses as being responsible for the mass unemployment of youths in the country. However, while it is true that thousands of unemployed youths gad the streets of the country in search of non-existing government or company jobs, a good number of them are defiling the excuses advanced by others to shun the odds and use their innate talents to build business empires for themselves as well create employment for their fellow youths. One of such outstanding youths is a 34-year-old Adewale Aladejana.

Adewale Aladejana was born in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State in the southwestern region of Nigeria. He is a graduate of mass communication from Bowen University. Early in his school days, Wale discovered his unique ability to identify scents and perceive sweet aroma. So, upon graduation, he worked briefly with TY Danjuma Foundation in Benin City, Edo State, after which he decided to vie into entrepreneurship so that he could use his unique talent and create employment and wealth for himself.

Adewale Aladejana

Like millions of other youths in the country, even across Africa, Adewale did not have a huge startup capital or any source from whom to borrow capital. Nevertheless, he said to himself that lack of capital was not a strong enough excuse to stop him from actualizing his life dream of becoming an entrepreneur. All he needed were his talent, his goals, and the tenacity to pursue his dream.

Adewale started his perfume business, Sapphire Scents’, in a small living room in 2015 with thirty thousand naira (N30,000), which is part of the money he saved up and grew it from there into a multi-million naira business empire. Today, Adewale Aladejana is the CEO of ‘Sapphire Scents’, an internationally acclaimed best perfume producing company in Africa.

Adewale has produced customized perfumes for numerous notable personalities across Africa. Prominent among his customers that he has produced customized perfumes for are Gen. (Rtd) Abdulasmi Abubakar, former Nigerian Military of State; Gen. (Rtd) Olusegun Obasanjo, one time Military Head of State and former president, Federal Republic of Nigeria; Flt. Lt. J. J. Rawlings, former president of the Republic of Ghana, President George Oppong Weah of the Republic of Liberia and a host of others.

Sapphire Scents now has over 300 major Distributors across the country. The company has also has Distributors in Ghana, Canada, Cyprus, UK, USA, Cameroun, and still counting.
Adewale’s dream in the next few years is to ensure that his company, ‘Sapphire Scents’, emerges one of the biggest and best perfume manufacturing companies in the world. And his immediate goal for this year is to sell over a billion naira worth of Sapphire Scents perfume.

Adewale with wife Oluwatoyin presented a customized Sapphire Scents Perfume to the Former Governor of Kano state, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso

One amazing thing about this 34 years old billionaire entrepreneur is his humility and dedication to his business as well as his staff. Despite all his achievements and status at his very young age, Adewale is down to earth and ultimately dedicated to his business and his staff members. He takes hundreds of calls per day from business clients calling from different parts of the world. He also reads mails and replies to them promptly. Most entrepreneurs assign works like this to their subordinates or personal assistants, but Adewale handles them himself and does not leave anything to chance when it concerns his business. This, no doubt, can be identified as the secret behind the rapid growth of his young perfume business, which he started with thirty thousand naira and grew it into a multi-million business empire in three years. He is an epitome of hard work, dedication, and humility from whom other young African entrepreneurs can learn to grow and succeed in their businesses.

Wife of the former Vice President Mrs Titilayo Atiku-Abubakar with her customized Sapphire Scents Perfume

You can find Sapphire Scents store at Jabi Lake Mall. Abuja-FCT Nigeria
Tel: +234 (0) 80 984 30546
IG: @Walejana
Website: www.sapphirescents.com

Adewale with Former Head of State, retired General Abdulsalami Abubakar

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