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JOB 33:14-18 “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.
In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, that he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man”.
Dreams are series of thoughts, pictures, emotions and sensations that occurs in our mind.
Here we are not referring to goals and visions you have set for life but a state of sleep in which man enters the unconscious realm, an event seen in the mind while sleeping.

Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo – Founder, Evangelistic Vine Ministry International

Evil dreams are dreams where the human spirit of man comes in contact with an unclean spirit.
They are dreams where demons manifest their dark and diabolical nature to the human spirit and mind.
They are dreams where the purity and innocence of your mind is polluted by the presence of those devil you see
They are dreams where you are terrorized, oppressed and attacked.
They are means demons plant their lies, they present people’s faces to you with wrong motive so that you begin to see them as bad people.
They are dream design to weaken the human result, create confusion and indirectly influencing the day to day activity of men.
They are the realms demons kill, steal, destroy and plant sickness and disease.
Evil dreams are demonic graphical projections targeted at influencing your life and bringing you under subjection of those picture presented to you. These projections are information passed to your mind, it is the information you receive that determines your transformation, every FORM in life is determined by the INFO you receive. What you keep hearing is what sharpens you to become who you are and what you shall be is dependent on what you are hearing today, your future is hinging on the information you are receiving today. Information is access through various means: Written, Verbal, graphic, pictures, moving motions.
No not joke with evil dreams, when they devil present dreams to you, take note and deal with them, reverse them and superimpose God’s word over them.
Evil dreams are targeted to make you sorrowful when you wake up but God brings revelations in your dreams to motivate and encourage you, to give you hope and strengthen your confidence in life, to make you pursue life with vigor and strength, to make you know that though weeping may endures for the night but joy comes in the morning, these shall be your portion in Jesus name – AMEN.

There are three sources of dreams:
1. God: God communicates to man through dreams
2. Devil: The devil projects negative pictures into the mind inform of dreams
3. Mind: when your mind is overcharge in the day with a particular thought or activity, it plays back in the night in form of a dream.
The easiest way for God to communicate to man is through dreams. The above scriptures highlights Gods dealings with man through dreams, Irrespective of the many times God speak to man but most times man filled with worldly activities and cares of life cannot hear from God, so in the deep of the night when man has fallen asleep the scriptures says “In a dream, in a vision of the night when deep sleep falleth upon men….”, through dreams and vision in the night God opens the ears of man and shows him instructions that he may withdraw man from “his purpose”, man’s purpose or man’s will leads to destruction, it is contrary to the dive purpose of God’s plan for his life. Proverbs 16:25 “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death”God comes to warns man in his dream about the way which is leading him to destruction. The bible says that he may withdraw man from his purpose and hide pride from man. This is not limited to only Christians but to all men, remember Nebuchadnezzar dream (Daniel 2:1-45), Joseph dreams (Gen. 37: 5), and many other great instances in the bible where God communicated in dreams to man. Irrespective of who you are, a president, businessman, Christian, pastor, prophet, non Christian, minister of state, God speaks to us through dream so that he can align and correct our path to his divine purpose.
Now, if God speaks to us in the dream, the devil also tries to maximize this medium to reach out to man negatively. The devil is always opposing good that is way the bible calls him Satan; the adversary, the enemy opposing the will of God for humanity.
We dwell among spirits; you should understand that it was first of all spiritual before it became physical, in the beginning God who is a spirit created all things.
God is a spirit including the angels and Lucifer (Satan and demons), Man is a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body.
We are to live our lives from the spirit man, not from the physical body; until you begin to live your life from the spirit you will not know the victories that Christ has given to you. The strength of our life comes from the spirit, when your spirit is taken off, the body dies irrespective of how healthy the body is. The spirit is the sustain-er of the physical body that we see, so it is essential to life from the spirit in other to fully maximize life. When a man’s spirit is weak he becomes vulnerable to the devil and his cohort in the dream, he becomes subjected to evil dreams, and irrespective of who you are it is the solidity of your spirit that determines the strength and victories you encounter in dreams. It is unhealthy to watch canal and horror movies before you go to bed. Before you go to bed you ought to strengthen your mind by studying the bible, praying and speaking in tongues because at the night hour where the mind is unconscious it is what you have deposited in your spirit that comes alive. Majority of dreams are based on what your mind was feeding on before you sleep, it becomes a door way that gives access either to the realm of the Spirit of God or to demons.
Dreams are previews of your reality in life, it comprises of who you are and who you shall become. Some people dream but when they wake up they can’t recall the dream; there’s a reason for that. It is the activeness of your mind in the subconscious realm that enables you to remember the dream when you wake up. If your mind is in a weak state you tend to forget the dream immediate you awake. It is the intention of God that anytime He communicates to your Spirit your mind should comprehend the information.
Dreams are one of the avenues through which you receive information; it is a means knowledge is impacted into your life. Human knowledge causes you to operate on the same level with men but spiritual in-depth knowledge causes you to operate higher than men. The powers and personality you encounter in your dreams are all seeking to influence your mind with information either positively or negatively so that they can form you to become the picture of what is being shown to you.
Life is ruled by words and words are spoken through various ways; some are spoken verbally, some are spoken through letters, some are revealed through pictures while some are motions. In your dream the eye of your spirit through your mind sees a picture, these pictures are determined by the source it comes from either positive or negative pictures and they can affect your marriage, health, ministry, business, academics etc.

Evil dreams are targeted at bringing your down, maybe in your finances, your health, your marriage, your ministry, to make your life miserable in the natural, to abort your pregnancy and you must wake up, stand your ground and deal with them. They come to oppress you in the night; some feed you in the dream or even shoot you in the dream, some are chasing you; you find yourself running and falling in the dream, anytime you try to go higher they pull you down, some they sleep with you, engaging in sexual act in the dream just to make you life miserable, you must wake and put on the armor of God and stand against these projection of darkness. I declare to you in the name above every other name, the name of Jesus that enough is enough. Every demonic mirror they are using to manipulate you I scatter them out by Fire! Every chain they have used to tie you down in the dream realm I break them to pieces in the name of Jesus!
1. TAKE NOTE OF THEM: Pay attention and write them down, don’t underestimate the enemy, don’t e ignorant of his devices 2 Cor. 2:11
2. SUPERIMPOSE GOD’S WORD: Immediately after the dream, when you wake up superimpose God’s words over it, use Gods word against the dream. Cancel it in agreement of God’s word. Heb. 4:12
3. INVOKE OR CALL TO ACTION THE POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS: There are three ways to activate the blood of Jesus: (a) Speak the word, Jesus is the word of God, we overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb and by the word of his testimony – Rev. 12:11. (b) Declare and shout the blood of Jesus! (c) PARTICIPATE IN COMMUNION: partake in taking the Holy Communion.
4. FAST AND PRAY: Fast and pray against those dreams, resist the devil and stand your ground in prayers and against the demon in charge of that dream, don’t overlook no matter the simple presentation.

5. DON’T TOLERATE: when you tolerate, the keep repeating themselves, the dream keep repeating because you tolerate them put a stop to it, set boundaries, raise a standard.
6. EDUCATE YOUR MIND: Feed your mind with positive thoughts, study the scriptures, and pray in the spirit and red books that gear you to become a wholesome individual. Cut off wrong communication and relationships; check your friends list because the wrong friends and association you keep will definitely corrupt good manners which in turn affect your mind creating a door way for demonic entrance.
As a believer, do not joke with dreams, don’t underestimate the evil devices of darkness, begin to take your stand against them, I pray for you that whatever the devil stole from you through your dreams be restore right now in the name of Jesus. Every evil projections against your marriage, your finances, your children, your academics, ministry and health, I bring them down in the name of Jesus – Amen.

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About the man of God – Prophet Moses Ehi Ugbogonogo

Prophet Moses Ehi Ugbogonogo is the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Evangelistic Vine Ministry International in Accra, Ghana.
He is a Nigerian-born leader with an apostolic gift for the twenty-first century. In his forties Prophet Moses has already proven to be one of the world’s most dynamic preachers and church planters and is regarded as the most successful Nigerian pastor in Ghana with over 3,000 strong members as well as daughter and satellite churches in Europe, US, Ghana and Kenya.
Prophet Moses is one of the most dynamic prophetic voices to this generation, firebrand and prolific prophetic preacher with an accurate and cutting edge prophetic mantle. He operates in a sharp word of knowledge, cutting across race and gender coupled with a rare healing and deliverance ministry. His style is radical, revolutionary, innovative and anointed.
As one of the end-time ministry gifts to the body of Christ, Prophet Moses is positioned as a strong and forthright end-time revivalist with a unique prophetic ministry.
He is a well sought after conference speaker who travels the globe.

Prophet Moses Ehi Ugbogonogo ministry focuses on impacting and empowering lives through his powerful preaching and teaching ministry.
His desire is to see people come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and for the presence of God to consume cities and nations of the world.
An exceptional gift to the entire body of Christ, the Ghana based Nigerian clergy is a preacher with uncommon prophetic insight into the word. His ministry has touched lives across various divides. Delivering the word with exactitude and undeniable impact, his messages fuse a unique blend of the factual, personal revelations, convictions with time-tested facts unearthed by years of study and fellow-shipping with the Lord. The handsome looking Edo state born man of God is married to Mrs Wendy Afi Ugbogonogo and are blessed with four precious kids, Michael Sedinam, Michelle Sena, Phebe Selikem and Catherine Sefa to the glory of God.


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