Pleasures Magazine Announces Name Change to ‘The Affluenz’ as Part of its Rebranding Efforts

The parent company, Dotmount Communications (, has given reasons for the publication’s recent change of name. The company, which began operations many 11 years ago as a weekly soft sell has now morphed into a full-fledged global solutions platform provider that enables growth of businesses.

Pleasures Magazine, a bi-monthly luxury and business magazine, has changed its name to The Affluenz. The name change is part of a larger strategic initiative, and a broader vision encouraging subscribers that “It’s okay to show off”, reports Jim Waterson of The Guardian.

The luxury magazine, packaged by Dotmount Communications, is stuffed with expensive adverts for high-end watches, safaris, and yachts aimed at its jet-set wealthy readership – making it a money-spinner for the publication.

Pleasures Magazine has over the years published several issues featuring global Captains of Industry, Royals, Entrepreneurs and Leaders from various sectors across the world. the traditional publishing division element has consistently offered a truly unique luxury lifestyle coffee table book six times per annum, which plays a pivotal role in the promotion of luxury and investment opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.

Adedotun Olaoluwa, the magazine’s founder, said the change was necessary to “reflect a publication of a refreshed visual identity, product improvements, and a comprehensive vision for future publications. Due to continuous developments of the magazine, the name Pleasures Magazine no longer covers the diversity of the publication. The new name, THE AFFLUENZ, is derived from the word ’affluent’ signifying luxury, wealth, opulence, and substance.

Despite the rebrand, he insisted the magazine would continue to focus on “optimism, pleasure and beauty” and remain “a little hedonistic”. “We have no plans to change our essential being; we just want Pleasures to reflect the deeper meaning of luxury and affluence.”

The magazine is a hotly-contested space. According to the magazine’s website, the publication has so far communicated to over 2,000,000 of the World’s Wealthiest through its Print and Digital Mediums.

Pleasures magazine was founded by Adedotun Olaoluwa in 2011 and sells in 103 countries, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Milan, Riyadh, Abuja, Accra, London, Johannesburg, Nairobi, New York and Lagos.

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