Pleasures Magazine in Major Re-brand, Releases Photo-shoot

IMG_4695 Earlier in July, we made an announcement on social media that Pleasures Magazine would be undergoing a makeover, re-brand and re-launch so that it would be sparkling by August. And yes, as part of the re-brand, Pleasures Magazine has released it’s photo-shoot for its media campaign and it features Nollywood actress and producer Elo Obokia, Ghanaian model Henrietta Otto and a fast rising businessman turned model, Nana Kwesi Sinclair.














About Pleasures Magazine:

Pleasures Magazine is weekly lifestyle magazine that is committed to reporting and illustrating the news from a traditional worldview perspective, with emphasis on African stories that are often under-reported or even misreported by other more prominent media outlets.





Pleasures Magazine also brings awareness to the culture, the art and the success stories of Africa and Africans at home and abroad. Too often, the status quo is that Africa is simply a “dark continent”, but those who are aware surely know better and can attest to the vibrance of the beloved cradle of civilization. Pleasures Magazine seeks to convey not only a view of what’s what in entertainment, lifestyle, Christianity or fashion, but dive into the topics and issues that should be spoken about or paid more attention to, but are often ignored and swept under the rug. From sport to fashion, from history to the very institution that drives our world…Government, nothing is out of reach for this publication’s examination. Pleasures is art and life doesn’t imitate art, it inspires it.


The magazine publishes national-quality content with a local focus. Topics include profile of successful people in Africa and in the diaspora, architecture and interior design, culinary, fashion, travel, the arts, charity events, and business profiles that help Africans see the unique cultural aspects of their continent.

The magazine is published 50 times a year with events in full-color photographs, complete coverage of national and international stories, especially those relevant to Africans. You will find editorials and commentaries, cultural analysis, movie and television reviews, book and music reviews, as well as business, personal finance, charity, education, sports, technology, lifestyle and health coverage.IMG_4585

Instead of being filled with advertisements, Pleasures magazine consists of interesting articles on day to day events. These articles give a relaxed, artistic feel to the magazine’s content, while delivering the desired information to the customers who are concerned about supporting local businesses and care where their money goes. The writers and photographers are award-winning journalists, which is clear from the response thus far from businesses who have taken advantage of the opportunity to be featured in Pleasures magazine.
Welcome Aboard!

Styling and Makeup by Olivia Franklin

Photography by Peter, (De-Color Studio)

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