Pr firm sacked staff Sheefah Zarma after 44 days of employment amidst integrity concerns

The company, Dotmount media cut ties with Sheefah Zarma, 44 days after hiring her as country manager in Nigeria.
“The decision is as a result of conflict of interest and it is necessary to the recent events that have compromised the trust and values, we hold dear in the company,” said Henrietta Otto, the Ghana’s office manager of the company, who stepped in at the beginning of March, will continue running the company’s affairs in both Ghana and Nigeria, the global media company said.

“No organization, particularly a media and communication firm, can succeed unless it is cohesive, and aligned. Over the last few weeks, it has become clear that this appointment undermined that goal. By this release, we dissociate our company from any activity, contract, claims or business Ms Sheefah Zarma carries out with the name of our company.” Henritta said.

“You can imagine someone being paid heavily to work for an organization demanding to share same office with her employer to run her own companies. And after two weeks of her sack, she went on social media to claim she had resigned and discredited the company on multiple occasions. This individual also petitioned the Nigerian police to lay a bogus and insane claim that the CEO had sent a squad of policemen to assassinate her, on the same day the highly respected founder of the company paid a blogger to help delete an old negative article on her from the internet. How would you classify such a person? I really don’t think such person is on their right senses. I have never heard of a boss who sacks his staff and still went ahead to pay a blogger to help delete an old bad press of over 5 years. This is so sad and it should be condemned”, said Benjamin Amu, who helped facilitate the delete of some of the bad articles on the ex-staff.

With access to over 100,000 media outlets, the global pr company, Dotmount is one of the largest news content distributors in the world.

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