Prince George Has an Extremely Adorable Way of Ordering Cake

Also, the three-year-old’s preferred breakfast: revealed.
Last week Prince George turned three, which he celebrated with a tea party and which the world celebrated by buying the T-shirt he was wearing in his official birthday portraits immediately, en masse.
The young royal is also on the cover of this week’s People magazine, with the cover line, “Little Prince Charming.” Inside, the outlet offers up an anecdote about George ordering cake, which is pretty great, and which definitely aligns with our perception that the prince is more sophisticated than most adults.
George and his mother—someone named Kate Middleton, we’re told? we’re not super familiar with her—visited a café in Norfolk, near the royal family’s summer home, Anmer Hall. Per a “local” who witnessed the exchange, “Kate said to George, ‘Ask the nice lady what you would like to have.’ . . . George said, ‘Excuse me, nice lady, but can I have . . . ’ and pointed to a cake on the counter.” A little bit of sass from George, no? We are very into this. Also, this interaction basically serves as a blessing for this coffee shop. If we were them, we would just rename the shop “Excuse Me Nice Lady” or “George Was Here Java.” After getting his cake, the magazine reports that George then “sat down with Kate to eat his cake with a fruit juice.”
Meanwhile, if you want to go on a full-on Prince George diet plan, People also shares that George’s breakfasts are comprised of “cereal with sliced bananas on top.” C’mon, George, let’s get a meal-delivery service in the works; there is zero doubt that it would rake in millions within an hour of launching.

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