Principles Of Destiny Possibilities By Rev Joshua Talena

TEXT: Daniel 12:16, Ephesians 5:15-16, Proverbs 10:4.

Destiny is the totality of heaven’s impression concerning a man. It is the reality of predestination. Destiny is God’s allotment for man’s existence on earth. You have been naturally wired to achieve destiny but there are principles which enable destiny to possible.
Principles are the truths that regulate conduct and instigate actions. They are sets of rules by which a person chooses to govern his life. Every great destiny is a product of principles adhered to. To lack principles is to be overwhelmed by impossible circumstances.
What then are these principles?
This is the secret for destiny possibilities. Desire is desperation for a particular intention. It is putting principle-based pressure on life to produce. Daniel 12:16. Your desire is a revelation of your future. Desire magnetizes; desire is powerful, therefore you must protect your desire. Your life is directed in the direction where your desire is directed. When nothing is working, it means there is nothing in your heart. Your desire drives you to a realm where you begin to call things that are not as though they were.
The Utilization of Time
Time is man’s greatest asset in determining man’s destiny. Ephesians 5:15-16. You must give something in exchange for every passage of time. a waste of time is a waste of destiny.
Maximizing Opportunity
Refuse to live a life of procrastination. The passage of opportunity is the passage of energy and enthusiasm. The possibilities of destiny lie in the urgency of action. Every destiny possibility has a peak; which is its highest realm of conviction. Possibilities are disguised in opportunity. Decay comes where there is delay; you must never delay to maximize opportunities that come your way.
The Discovery of Purpose
Your purpose is your assignment on earth. When you discover purpose, you begin to manifest destiny possibilities. The discovery of purpose is the fulfilment of destiny.
When you become all you are meant to be and do all that you are designed to do, then you have fulfilled destiny.
When you meet the need that necessitated your creation. Not to know why you were created is the reason why you are confused in life.
When you are adding the value you were designed to add to your generation.
Never lose touch with your purpose for existence. Originality is the principle for destiny possibilities. The Lion, the Shark and the Eagle are all kings; all in their realm. To remove them from their realm and purpose is to render them useless entities. The Eagle can no longer be a king in water!
Don’t allow indiscipline swallow your destiny possibilities. Weakness imprisons and cripples destiny. Learn to say no to evil. The possibilities of destiny is not a fixed deposit, it is your current action that determines your current possibilities.
Heavy Duty Connection to Prophetic Grace and its tools
Most destinies are spiritually manipulated. It takes a man operating from a spiritual standpoint to correct that which was damaged by spiritual means.
The words and instructions of your man of God are your life. Your entire life hangs on these. 1 John 5:8. Prophetic tools are the cheapest way to disgrace impossibilities in your life. They are tokens which represent the man of God in your life and in your house. Examples of the prophetic tools are the blood, the oil, the water, the covenant salt and other mantles form the man of God to you. Prophetic tools arrest every impossible situation in your life.
Nothing works until you work. Work is bringing everything within your ability to bear on your goals, vision, objectives and passion. Even God worked to create the universe! Outside of work, a man cannot escape impossibilities. You cannot create your own success until you work. Work is translating that which God has provided in the spiritual realm into a physical reality. If you are not working, then poverty is working overtime on you and will soon manifest. You are either working or being worked upon.
The lack of work is a platform for temptation. Engage work at all costs for therein lies the possibilities of all human destiny. Hard work is the escape route from hard life. Proverbs 10:4.
How to know whether you are a lazy person
Lazy people make little choices in life. Proverbs 6:10.
They do not value the importance of seasons; seed time and harvest time.
They do not finish what they start.
They live in a world of daydreams.
They are victims of self-induced fear.
They don’t believe that they are lazy.
Your declaration is crucial in commanding destiny possibilities. Calculated and conscious declarations, targeted and principled speaking are necessary for the achievement of destiny possibilities. The abilities of God are activated by our speaking. When there is a man to say something, heaven shows up with all its power. As massive as your destiny is, it is dependent on your speaking.
Before the stone found a place in Goliath’s head, it was preceded by speaking. David communized Goliath by his words. Goliath was an impossibility until a man demystified him through the principle of talking.
Note that: possibility must be your declaration because you can engage talking on the reverse and have a contrary manifestation. The Israelites engaged the principle of talking wrongly and grounded their journey to the Promised Land.
Scriptural Thinking
Ephesians 3:20. The ability of God is expressed also in our thinking. Destiny possibility is in place where scriptural thinking is in place. Thinking is a pathfinder that brings your destiny into a realm of possibilities. The scripture is saturated with possibilities; therefore to make your thinking scriptural is to open up your destiny to such possibilities. As you meditate on the word, the spirit enters you and the spirit is a creative spirit. The spirit stands you up and fills you with creative ideas. The quality of your thoughts is responsible for the possibility of your destiny. You are what you think. The soundness of your mind determines the direction of your destiny. Your mind is your true essence. God does not forgive an unbelieving believer. Revelations 21:8.
Of all the people that met and were with Jesus, it was only the man who engaged the principle of acting that walked on water. You need courage to engage this principle. You must take risks to experience possibilities. Your scriptural thoughts without taking steps are charismatic affliction.

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