Promoting Female Hygiene For Young Girls In Northern Nigeria By Dora Aid Foundation

The Dora Aid Foundation tells the story of how they promote female hygiene amongst young girls in Nigeria…
In the last six years, the Dora Aid Foundation has provided support for education and healthcare to the most vulnerable children in Nigeria. Born and Founded in 2012 by Miss Dora Enwere, a 23- year old philanthropist and entrepreneur, the foundation has championed causes and focused its resources on issues revolving around Child Health, Child Education and Advocacy programs.

Miss Dora Enwere – Founder , Dora Aid Foundation

In her words, she describes the organization as; “A foundation that focuses on promoting child education, supporting child health and championing child rights. We do this by initiating outreaches, campaigns,interventions and projects, that secure access to education,health, and nutrition for less privileged kids in local communities.
“It isour Vision to create an environment of support that empowers children of all backgrounds to aspire for greatness. The Dora Aid Foundation believes firmly in the rights and total wellbeing of children.We have affected the lives of several young, displaced and under privileged children. In the last six years, we have had interventions in areas such as tuition, books, uniforms, meals and access to specialized healthcare that have reached over 4,500 beneficiaries.”

The Project- #ForYoungGirls.
During outreach programs on the field, we try to take surveys and find out the most pressing needs so that we channel our resources into actual solutions to problems. A major recurring problem is the lack of female hygiene practice, and lack of access to sanitary towels for young Girls.
In Northeastern Nigeria, research has shown that female hygiene practices are extremely low, especially amongst the internally displaces persons’ camps. In some of these camps, young girls use rags, wrappers, ash and even sand during their monthly menstrual periods. The health risks coupled with loss of quality education that these young girls are faced with cannot be over-emphasized. Consequently, The Dora Aid Foundation took it upon itself to provide a solution under our child-health scheme.
We introduced #ForYoungirls; which is an initiative to promote female hygieneby providing access to sanitary towels and bathing soaps for 1000 displaced and under-privileged young girls in Northern-Nigeria monthly.

Objectives of the Campaign
As a Foundation, we believe strongly that there is need to act. Consequently, we hope to achieve the following from this initiative;
• Increase the level of awareness and imbibe good female hygiene practices amongst young girls and women in local communities.
• Demystify “Menstruation” and reduce drastically the level of stigmatization against young girls and women during the menstrual periods in local communities and IDP camps.
• Provide access to female hygiene products monthly for these young girls and women.
• To re-instill confidence where it has been lost and to reintegrate young girls back in the educational systems where they have dropped out because of stigmatization.
• To empower these young girls and women through mentorship and self-development initiatives.

What we have done under this initiative:
• Monthly provision of sanitary towels and bathing soap for over 50 young girls in secondary school and orphanages in the last 6 months.
• Child health education talks and seminars for young girls in the last 6 months
• Advocacy and championed causes- By throwing more light on this issue, we have helped create more awareness. Currently, we are working with development partners and corporate bodies to develop a sustainable means of meeting the monthly requirements of these young girls and women.

Where We are Headed- The Target
To meet the monthly needs of 1000 girls within the next 24 months across Northern Nigeria by giving out sanitary towels and bathing soaps to each of these girls. Our goal is to increase the number of beneficiaries that we support under this initiative as time goes by. We current provide monthly support for 50 girls.

The Cost
To partner with the foundation in sponsoring some of our young girls, see below:

Number of girls Monthly cost Annual cost
To sponsor 4 girls N 5,000 N 60,000
To Sponsor 8 girls N 10,000 N 120,000
To Sponsor 20 girls N 25,000 N 300,000
To sponsor 50 girls N 62,500 N 750,000

How we can Work together.
You can contact us on or +234 806 671 8757
To Donate or partner please see our details below.
Dora Aid Foundation
Diamond Bank
0090109998(Current Account)
Description code: #ForYoungGirls
You can decide to make a once-off payment or make remittances on a Monthly basis.

Be the change you want to see.
Together, we can make a difference.

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