Prophet Aikins Awumey releases 30 “prophetic insights”

Attacks on the church, lesbianism to destroy the world, release of abundance are some of Awumeh’s prophecies for the new year.

Prophet Aikins Awumey is the latest Man of God to release his prophecy for the new year.
According to the Senior Pastor of Holy Ghost Fire Prayer Mission, Prophet Awumey, these are not just mere statements, they are his “prophetic insight for 2017…. for individuals and nations… to guide them into what’s at stake and take appropriate precautions where necessary.”

1. U.S president Donald Triumph. Will be deporting two to three million illegal immigrants because he has hatred for the blacks.
2. U.S president term of office will be sparking the 3rd world war since his throne is established the commence of anti-Christ. This may cause him to make more special relationship between United States of America.
3. U.S president Donald Triumph will be acting anti-Christ. Daniel 9:27.They will be legalization of gay, homosexuality, prostitution, lesbianism as a tool to destroy the whole world. Daniel 11:37.
4. There will be attempting to assassinate US president Donald Triumph. This will spark the third world war Triumph is mabuss.
5. 2017 will be release of abundance therefor business will expand, abundant of money, wealth and prosperity.
6. China could be used to cure the economic imbalance in the world.
7. Italy and Nigeria could face financial hardship with rising unemployment and loans making it the epicenter of robbery and kidnapping.
8. Russia and Ukraine will be opposed by US in EU


Prophet Aikins Awumey

1. Since the emerge of political pioneers. Political parties had entered into covenant with blood sacrifice with anti-Christ in India, due to that God anger has kindle our nation with two years term of office for president Akuffu Addo. So the nation is in the hands of the churches to pray and fast for Ghana continually for Gods mercy and forgiveness, President Akuffu Addo must rely on the churches and promote the gospel for quick vindication. God loves Ghana. 2 chron.7:12-14.
2. Tragedies in the year, highest rate of robbery, kidnapping, accident, Fire outbreak, death of great men and women in the nation. Especially journalist, politicians, actresses, actors. Because all our ten regions are crying with blood that was sacrificed.
3. There will be attack on churches and great men and women of God
4. God will be restoring our agriculture sector for our survival, so the nation must spend more on agriculture. Every citizens must grow their own crops backyard garden.
5. The government must spend more on our natural resources gold, oil, etc.
6. There will be more money in the country, business organizations will grow in the year. There will be economic release. Our cedi will compete with the dollar in the world market. The cause of leaving for the average Ghanaian will be good.
7. I saw two great tree uprooted and two great star falling which means two great ministers of the gospel and two great African president are dying. So we must pray for them.
8. There will be conflict of tribal settlement in some part of our country which will cause bloodshed, so we must fast for all the regions at least once a month with psalm 26.
9. There is demonic covenant on our presidential seat, sword and jubilee house in the form of wild woman warrior. That will make our political leader do for the people their main concern and do their churches must pray seriously If possible the name jubilee house must be change back to flagstaff house.

1. Since the major attack in the year will be on churches and believers. They must rekindle their zeal, commitment for God.
2. Strong pastor’s church leaders will be backsliding in the church.
3. The wrath and judgment of God will be following fake pastors and prophets in the form of death and sickness of stroke. So they must repent.
4. God will be protecting his people with fire and two edge sword in the year against the wiles of the devil.
5. Strong Christians will stop going to church for no reason. So be stable.
6. Is a year of God’s mercy, favour and abundance for faithful Christians.
7. Is a year of raising a new altar with your tithe and offering and supporting the church with your finances.
8. Is a year of total repentance for every believer.
9. Is a year that my word should be exalted above everything.
10. God will be calling young and adult into his ministry equipping them with signs and wonders. Rev. 11:1-19
11. There will be serious manifestation of God’s power on earth to put to shame the enemies of believers.
12. There will be serious attack on Christian marriage that men will feel to marry fellow men and women will feel to marry fellow women. So church rise up and take your stand.
13. Is a year of seed sowing and prophecies. Psalm 51:10,
Ps 19:10-12,Job 41

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