Ramsey Noah and Rita Dominic in Ghana for ‘76’ premiere

Nigerian movie greats Ramsey Noah and Rita Dominic are in Ghana for the premiere of ‘76’, an awesome movie that they both star in.
At the start of its production, ‘76’ was originally titled ‘Lions of 76’. It is produced by Adonaijah Owiriwa and directed by Izu Ojukwu.

It is set six years after the Nigerian civil war. A young officer from the Middle Belt (Ramsey Noah) gets into a romantic relationship with an O-Level student from the South-eastern region (Rita Dominic). However, their relationship is strained by constant military postings. The soldier gets accused of being involved in the 976 unsuccessful military coup and assassination of General Murtala Mohammed, and the heavily pregnant wife, gets entagled in an emotional dilemma.
’76 will be premiered tonight at the Silverbird Cinema at the Accra Mall. The release was initially slated for October 4, 2013 but was pushed back indefinitely due to delayed post-production activities.

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