Remembering Late Prophet Maxwell Acheampong 10 Years After, Memorial service held

Family, friends and those whose lives he touched are remembering the late Prophet Maxwell Acheampong, who passed on 10 years ago after a brief illness.

The  church, Aroma of Christ Chapel International headed by his wife Prophetess Felicia Acheampong, held a special 10th Anniversary Memorial Service in celebration of his life on Saturday November 11 and also presented  a brochure ‘Glorious Legacy’ the very first official biography of Prophet Maxwell Kofi Achaempong.

Prominent ministers of the gospel in attendance were; Rt Rev Dr Anyi Boadum, Mama Francisca Duncan-Williams, Prophet Isaac Anto, Prophet Joshua Agyei, Lady Pastor Mouha Amoako, Apostle Quaye Hackman, Bishop Benny Wood, Pastor Ocra, Prophet Melchisedeck amongst others.

Attendees at the event were treated to good music by popular gospel musician Tagoe sisters, Lady Matilda Agyeman Prempeh, Maame Justine Crentsil and the host choir, the Royal Voices.

Prophetess Felicia Acheampong

Rt Rev Dr Anyi Boadum

Prophet Isaac Anto
Mama Francisca Duncan-Williams
Prophet Joshua Agyei
Apostle Aquaye Hackman

Maame Justine

Prophetess Felicia Acheampong wrote this in memory of his late husband:

“I am very grateful unto the Lord for granting me such a wondeful man. He was a blessing to me, family, church and the whole society. It is exactly ten years since the grim incident that led to the passing of my late husband, ‘Maxwell Acheampong. Yet, as I look through the years, I am awash with feelings of gratitude. God, in His character, has been faithful. I am particularly grateful for the life that ‘Maxwell lived and the legacies he left behind.

If today people all over the world are witnessing the manifestation of God’s power through my ministry, it is because of how he availed himself for God to use him for his good work when he was here with us.
It is incredible that ten years after her passing, his teachings and prophetic ministry continue to impact families, and the initiatives he drove while with us, are still here, touching the nations. Indeed, only God could have given such a unique assignment and given the grace to run with it. And only God could have determined when the curtains were drawn. If there is therefore any lesson we must consciously strive to remember, it is that there is a divine calling and assignment on every life God created. As we celebrate ‘Maxwell today, let us stop to ask ourselves: ‘am I truly in the place of my assignment? am I living the life God intended?’ This should drive your life’s philosophy as it did hiss. The world will celebrate your influence in Jesus name”.

May his soul continue to rest in peace Amen.

Lady Pastor Leticia Twum-Antwi (R)

Tagoe Sister

Lady Pastor Mouha Amoako (L)


About the Church
Aroma of Christ Chapel International was founded in October of the year 1996 by the late Prophet Maxwell Kofi Acheampong & Prophetess Felicia Acheampong. It started off as a fellowship and later fully began as a full-time Ministry to win souls for the Kingdom of the God of heaven, our Creator.

Prophetess Felicia Ama Acheampong became the leader of the church in the year 2007 when her husband, The late Prophet Maxwell Acheampong passed away. She had been the assistant pastor for 4 years before the demise of her husband, Maxwell so she became the General Overseer after his passing. She’s a young and vibrant Prophetess whom God is using to accomplish the vision of Aroma of Christ Chapel. She is blessed with three children, two girls and a boy.

Aroma of Christ, which means the scent or smell of Christ Jesus, and the church as a matter of principle, propagates the gospel through exemplary actions by spreading the love of Christ to the hopeless and the destitute in the community and around the world, just as Jesus did while here physically on earth about 2000 years ago.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and He died and rose on the third day and is seated on the right hand of God. We believe in the communion of the Holy Spirit.

The church, Basilica Temple, is located on the Weija road at the White cross junction. 


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