‘Sakawa boy’ Nana Wan confesses in Church

A Sakawa Boy (ritualist) has confessed to killing over 100 people to acquire wealth.

The sakawa boy, reportedly known as Nana Wan, was at the Resurrection Power Ministry church in Accra on Sunday where confessed the “evil things” that he did to make money, according to a report by ghbase.com.

The report said Nana Wan had rushed to the church for deliverance after being told that he would die by 8pm on Monday.

In his reported confession, he said life became terrible for his family after his father abandoned his mother and five siblings about six years ago.

He said out of desperation, he followed 12 men to an Island in the Benin Republic, where they met some marine spirits (Maame water).

He paid GH¢1,500 and went through two stages of rituals, which he successfully completed.

The marine spirit reportedly told him to return to Ghana and do any work he wanted for one week and that he would become rich the following day.

Nana Wan, according to the report, said he worked with a fried plantain (kelewele) seller for one week and, as promised, the following week, a beautiful lady from the underworld appeared in his room and asked him how much he wanted. He said the lad was the first daughter of the mermaid and that she expressed interest in him.

He reportedly replied that he wanted GH¢20 million (200 billion old cedis). He had a “Ghana must go” bag with him in the room and the lady asked him to go out and return a few minutes later.

He returned to find that the bag had been filled with millions of cedis.

He said that was how he became wealthy and that every week, the lady from the underworld visited his house with millions of cedis and that he had sex with her each time.

Three years later, however, everything began to go sour for Nana Wan, the report said.

The marine spirit, according to his reported confession, made impossible demands of him.

He was asked to bring a new-born baby every two months for sacrifices otherwise, he would die like two people who started the ritual with him did.

He then began paying GH¢100,000 per transaction to a nurse at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra to get him babies.

After sacrificing 114 babies, Nana Wan, according to the reported confession, pleaded with the Maame Water to change his sacrifice, which she agreed to do.

He was then required to sleep with her several times a day from Monday to Friday. He grew lean as a result of the frequent sex and found himself urinating blood. He then pleaded for another change in his sacrifice.nana-wan-6

Eventually, he was asked to bring close members of his family for sacrifice. He ended up sacrificing his son – a baby, and two of his sisters.

According to the GHbase report, Nana Wan bought brand new Range Rover vehicles for the two sisters, who ended up getting involved in accidents which killed them.

One, a level 300 student of the University of Ghana, is said to have been killed in an accident around Okplongo in Accra.

Nana Wan is said to have told the church that after sacrificing his sisters, he thought he could finally rest, but the Marine spirit told him to sacrifice his mother.

After pleading in vain for the goddess to spare his mother, he obeyed the instruction for him to buy her a car, which will eventually get involved in an accident and kill her.

However, according to the confession, a prophet forewarned Nana Wan’s mother against collecting the car and so when he presented it to her, she rejected it.

The Sakawa boy said in his reported confession that it was his failure to successfully kill his mother that caused him to fall out of favour with the goddess, who told him that he would die in a month.

He said out of fear of dying, he ran from church to church in search of deliverance until he landed at the Resurrection Power Ministry in Accra.

Nana Wan is said to have now accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and has been told that he would lose all his wealth in due course.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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