Samson and Gift’ Fabulously Elegant Wedding in Abuja

Samson & Gift‘s first meeting was at a movie location, he happened to be the DOP while she was there to act. It wasn’t a love at first sight but later on, their friendship blossomed into a foundation of love and support, guiding them to the alter to forever say “I do” in an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and friends .
Read all about Samson & Gift’s love story, romantic proposal, and wedding experiences – featuring the photography of Pchoice, and coordinated by Mike Atanda of Bimia signature, Abuja.

Full names of couple: GIFT NATHAN and SAMSON ADELEKE
Wedding date: 27/12/2017
Wedding Location: Gariki 2 Abuja Nigeria.
Reception Location: Emerald park & Recreational centre, Gariki 2 Abuja Nigeria.

Tell us how you met: It all started in October 2014 when we met at a Christian movie production (AFGEDRAM) Titled ( Last hour) at Accra ,Ghana. This young man happened to be the DOP and I was one of the Actress in the movie. It wasn’t love at first sight but we just relate as people that came for serious business, So during one of the scenes on this fateful day he came where I was sitting down on my own and he gave me his iPad to keep it for him ….😂😂😂In my mind I was like what is this guy up to, At least there are other ladies among us Why Me? But the fact remains that I always watched him Smile and Laugh Because of his Deep Dimples which was my first attraction to him but no strings attached at all ooooo🤦♀. As time goes on, He asked me of my Contact which I gave him reluctantly and later after the film production, He sent me plenty messages on Watsupp telling me about him without me asking him any questions…..Omo this guy is funny dats what I said to myself😂😂😂 With time , we became close friends, From close friends we became prayer partners. Then On a particular day ,,, He walked up to me and told me “AM GOING TO BE HIS WIFE” I just laughed because I can’t marry a Cameraman and I tod him You are Joking Right? He smiled and asked me to patiently go and pray about it BCOS He’s Very sure of What His spirit told him the first time he set his eyes on me when he was shooting my Scene😜. Some months later, I started developing same feelings for Him but I was not showing it (ladies pride😜). Four months later, I said YES to be his intimate Friend.

Tell us about the Proposal: On the 18th of December 2016 on his birthday, He took me out for us to celebrate his birthday at Millennium park Abuja…..Samson is a very shy person when it comes to relationship with Ladies so he couldn’t proposed verbally only to kneel down and remove the ring from his pocket,,, I was surprised and shocked😳
Knowing the kind of person He is…… I gladly and joyfully accepted his Proposal.

Wedding style: It was a beautiful and White crystal ball gown with semi- long veil, I got the style on Instagram which captured my mind to sew it for my wedding day. I showed the style to my Tailor in Abuja who made it a reality.

What was wedding shopping like for You? It was amazing, Lovely, beautiful but hectic because we went from one shop to the other inorder to get exactly what I wanted for my wedding day.

Culture: YES, we had full traditional marriage on the 11th August 2017 at Takum, Taraba state. Our Court wedding was on the 23rd of December 2017. We both represented Yoruba attire .

Wedding coordinator: Mike Atanda(Bimia signature) , Abuja.
Reception venue: Bimia signature , Abuja.
Caterer: Homemade special eatery, Abuja.
Wedding dress designer(Bride): Bridal world, Abuja.
Wedding dress designer (groom): Leinad outfit, Lagos.
Wedding shoes: GH Collections (Bride), Accra Ghana, Leinad outfit (Groom) , Lagos.
Hair: Peace saloon, Abuja.
Make-up: NDEE’s beauty, Taraba state.
Photography: Pchoice , Lagos.
Videography: Primestar Visual Limited , Abuja.
Florist: Bimia signature, Abuja.
Cake: Lovable Events , Abuja.


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