“She kissed me,played with my Adams apple. I just want to make this girl happy”- Lovestruck Nigerian man gushes over his bae on FB

Awww…love is a beautiful thing. A Lagos-based Nigerian man took to his Facebook to declare that he has found true love at last. He even posted screenshots of their chats:
“What better way to be ushered into the new year, than being in the arms of bae who loves and cherishes your happiness above anything…


She kissed me from 2016 into 2017, we couldn’t even go to church anymore, even the streejamz lost it’s fervor, we just went home and cuddled up, she kissed me long, and hard, and deep, she bit my lips, played with my Adam’s apple, I just felt deeply loved! Been a while anybody made me feel this way, the hunt is over, I’m retiring from the game, I’m no longer baba for the girls….. I just want to make this girl happy, be the reason behind her happiest smiles, love her with all I’ve got, pay no attention to hoes, I just want to build something lasting, not these fleeting pleasures that take away more from me than they add.
Happy New Year fuckerz, hope happiness finds you where you least expect. — feeling loved”



Screenshots of their convo… 1-2
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