Ras Kimono Rants About Younger Generation Artistes!

Ras Kimono, is an angry man at the moment. And the source of his bristling anger is nothing other than young Nigerian artistes holding sway at the moment. 

Ras Kimono

Popular reggae artiste, Ras Kimono definitely shined during his time, but change is constant and many talents came on board.
Despite the fact that new generation artiste has overshadowed the reggae star and some others from his generation, the singer would always be remembered as his music would forever speak volume.
Looking at our new generation artiste, you would agree with me that though the music industry has grown but it lacks substances like the musicians of the old.
These days you would hardly hear a song that educates or passes a message without having half naked young ladies displaying in music videos.
With young lads watching these videos, it exposes them to explicit immoralities. This is what Ras Kimono is trying to say as he rants about the foolishness, bum bum shaking and empty lyrics in Nigeria music of today.
In a recent interview with vanguard, the artiste expressed how he felt about new generation artiste.
In his words: “none of the new crop of artiste is doing reggae, they are afraid to sing reality. They are all about bum-bum and such mundane things. They are all singing about foolishness and nothingness. Look at what is happening in the country today, the president is also doubling as the minister for petroleum, and nobody is talking about it.”
Born in Nigeria. Kimono served a long apprenticeship on the Nigerian music circuit, experimenting with a number of styles, before making his late 80s breakthrough as a reggae singer. Together with his Massive Dread Reggae Band, Kimono released his debut album, Under Pressure, in 1989. Accompanied by the popular single, “Rum-Bar Stylee”, this revealed both a Jamaican and native African influence (the latter particularly evident in his “patois” delivery, as frequently employed by Fela Kuti to communicate with the urban underclass). His strongly polemical lyrics produced album sales of over 100,000 copies, and a fervent following for his advocacy of social change.

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