Sisi Yemmie Shares How She Makes Porridge Beans Without Palm Oil

Growing up, porridge beans was the staple lunch we had at home. It was all good and fine till I got into boarding secondary, suffered heartburn several times and pinned it on beans and the palm oil used to make the “typical” porridge beans recipe. This was the end of beans for me and there was nothing anyone would say to make me change my mind. That was until I saw Sisi Yemmie‘s video of beans without palm oil.

There are many varieties of beans but the type used in preparing Nigerian beans recipes are the kidney shaped black eyed beans and the brown beans. Beans are loaded with great nutritious benefits and a versatile taste that they could be made in so many ways and paired with fried plantain aka dodo, boiled plantain, bread, pap, soaked garri, rice, potatoes, yam, and even fried fish!

I would never have believed that beans could look so good if it was not cooked with palm oil as this was the only way we knew how to. Sisi Yemmie’s recipe replaces the palm oil with tomatoes which makes the meal look not just great but I imagine it tastes superb too as tomatoes never disappoints in any meal it is featured in.

Sisi Yemmie has got me heading to the market soon to try her palm oil-free beans recipe for more reasons than one (hello heart burn!). I’m now willing to indulge in beans again since I don’t have to worry much about how much cholesterol I may be taking in with the palm oil.

Let’s dig in…


Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh pepper
Green pepper
Poi Poi Sauce (This sauce contains onion, vegetable oil, water, tomato, garlic, pepper, crayfish, ginger, monosodium glutamate, salt, fish, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, cloves)
Groundnut oil
Seasoning cubes

Watch the video here…

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