The Impact Of Prophetic Impartation: The Story of Nigerian Influential Preacher in Ghana – Moses Ugbogonogo

Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo, a Ghana based Nigerian man of God from Edo state is the Head Pastor of Evangelistic Vine Ministry International, an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation with signs following. As result of Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo’s obedience to the high calling of God, the ministry has been able to transform the lives of countless people around the globe. Through global crusades, ministrations, Church services and Radio ministry, the unadulterated Word of God is preached to all. Evangelistic Vine Ministry International is a ministry of great wisdom, revelation, power, prayer and praise without compromise. The ministry not only believes in winning millions of souls into the kingdom of God, but also challenges believers to rise up as Sons of God and utilize the authority and divine power given to them through Christ Jesus.

Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo – Head Pastor of Evangelistic Vine Ministry International

Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo’s ministering in the US

Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo is a Prophet and as part of his unique call he holds counselling sessions every Thursdays which reveal the mysteries that hold keys to the success of individuals. The root causes of issues and problems are also diagnosed. These meetings are an exposition of the wiles of the enemy in the life of believers. People have been healed, restored, delivered and received solutions in meetings such as “Divine Intervention Service,” “School of Spiritual Warfare,” and many more.

Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo is a man of God whose ministry has brought the divine presence into the hearts of many all over the world. He is a firebrand prophet and an apostle with deep insight into the plans and purposes of God for this generation. God Has used him mightily in the prophetic office for deliverance, ministration of the word and prayer sessions which have shaped the destiny of millions and caused them to live the victorious Christian life. He is a man sent from God, approved with miracles, signs and wonders who has made himself available in a mighty way for the body of Christ in these end times. His Vision is to bring hope to the hopeless and empower the Body of Christ in the walk of faith and holiness.

It all began with the Spirit filled journey of Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo as he answered the call of God over a decade ago coming from an Apostolic and Pentecostal background, he had a passion to minister to lost souls and spread the gospel.

Obeying the Divine call, Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo started a ministry that he prophetically called “Evangelistic Vine Ministry”. The ministry which started very small with few members has today grown beyond the shores of Ghana. With satellite churches in Europe, US, Ghana and Kenya.
He started the ministry from nothing over a decade ago after he left Central University College headed by Dr. Mensa Otabil in Ghana.

Spain Branch
Inside Auditorium of EVM Ghana

He traveled the length and breadth of Ghana holding revivals and crusades before the Lord asked him to start the ministry after a 21 day of fasting and prayers in a farm in Ejisu kumasi
He met Pastor Allen Smith and Bishop Clive Mould in Togo through whom he experienced a great impact of the ministry of Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams. After listening to one of his messages on prayers, his life was altered by divine fire.
Though his biological father raised him to put God first in everything through prayer, the praying ministry of Nicholas Duncan Williams brought him to the dimension of prophetic and apostolic praying.

He is also known worldwide for his Deliverance and Prophetic Ministry. Prophet Moses is the author of the yet to be released 2 great and inspiring books: ‘Momentum’and ‘Anointing of the Spirit ‘, billed to be released in August 2017.

He has traveled extensively with the word of God and immense prayer power; blessing countless lives with great prophetic directions in prayer.
He strives to perfection in everything he does in a ministry, Prophet Ugbogonogo’s mission is to equip the next generation of Christians who would have much influence in the world. He wants them to be as obedient to the Lord as possible and use the power He is blessing them with for spreading the good news of Christ. His authority and wisdom in all the places around the globe. He says that he aims to show then ways of how the Word of God can be shared with their lives.
Another interesting fact about him is that he is married to Wendi Ugbogonogo who is also a pastor.
As a family, they see the significance of having each other. They strive to set a good example for their congregation to follow. Thus, they aim to be perfect role models and raise the awareness of the general public to the importance of keeping the family in accordance with standards God set before them.

Prophet Moses and Mrs Wendy Afi Ugbogonogo

He is married to Mrs Wendy Afi Ugbogonogo, a Ghanaian and they are blessed with four precious children, Michael Sedinam, Michelle Sena, Phebe Selikem and Catherine Sefa to the glory of God.

The church has registered an academic institute where Prophet Moses is raising pastors and leaders.

Giving back
Since setting up his church ten years ago, Prophet Ugbogonogo has been deeply involved in philanthropic works through his church. He regularly donates cash and food items to orphans, widows and the less privileged in his church and neighbouring communities. Sponsoring many to school.

When asked about his secret, his response was “My secret is ‘The Secret Place of the Most High”.

Media Outreach
Prophet Moses preaches daily on a Satellite network ‘KFM TV’ every day 7am and 7pm.
You can also listen to Prophet Moses on Spring Fm 102.7MHz every Monday 12noon and Vision1-93.5fm every Wednesday 9pm

On Youtube: EVM Church Chanel

Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo’s messages are also in prints on Pleasures Magazine and online every week

Evangelistic Vine Ministry International is located adjacent Jehovah Witness Headquarters Tema beach Road. Accra, Ghana. Call +233 2487 29973 / +233 266 851077




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