The Making of an Ethnic Revolution Assembly , Ibile Peaceful Revolution Network

Pleasures Magazine took Hon Audullah Saheed Mosadoluwa, founder of Ibile Peaceful Revolution Network up on the agenda of his organization, the connection between the Ibile Revolution and Yoruba nation, especially why he is on this journey, including national issues. Enjoy

You believe and implore all members and prospective members of the IPA to engage in Peaceful Revolution and Commune Spirit to get a Sustainable Nigeria, can you explain how this works?

I am a machine of mass political inspiration ; my idea will surely drives Nigerians for unequivocal desire for justice and equality for political freedom. I strongly believe in Ibile code of ethic equation which is Peaceful Revolutionary + Commune Spirit that would sustain Nigerians political freedom to vote commune people in to political office as we all know that only commune person can always put communal value ahead of narcissist inclination . We are looking up to see a Nigeria : where politics or democracy strength is built upon a foundation of economic democracy, relationship and community life for more people to gain greater economic independence.

Hon Audullah Saheed Mosadoluwa – founder, Ibile Peaceful Revolution Network

Ibile networking as a political platform would void the Cronyism and Clientele politics mass media which does not generate innocent fun anymore but to destroy the logical thinking of Nigerians not in violence way . It is well understood that violent revolution will never had positive results. But ,(IPA) code of ethics would engage and inbuilt all all member psychologically , politically through lectures , engagement during meetings and forum to behaved in civil manner in order to achieve civil and political right , a class of rights that would protect Nigerian’s freedom from infringement by all those crooks in sham progressives campaign that operate clientele politics in Yoruba Nation within Nigeria Federation

Ibile Peaceful Revolution Networking would surely be peaceful as that is only means to ensure youth’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the Yoruba nation without discrimination within upper class and common man children or any form of political repression.
Yes, there are enemies among us that work for the so called political leader to disseminate Ibile revolutionary flow . But , the only way to deal with the enemy is to engage, agitate to defeat them with idea not with guns. No negotiating because we would not detonate bombs . No “reaching across the aisle to get things done ”. Just pure defeat through contending as our belief remain firm that the power they have remain the political structure which we are out to rescue from them …. once and for all . Delude politician defeat must be swift (instantaneous), sure (indisputable), and sufficient (satisfactory).

How do you think large percentage of Nigerian Politicians undermine development of the people and the country at large?

Apparently , our democratic system is inherently backward, patriarchal. It is impossible to rid Nigeria of corruption which undermine development, so long as those crooks still remain in public offices directing our political helms as its indisputable facts that Nigeria’s current ‘Competitive Clienteles-tic Political Settlement’, that combines multi-party political competition and clienteles-tic practices, has had a negative impact on overall development outcomes in the country: preventing progress, particularly in terms of dealing with the structural challenges facing Nigeria as a federation .

Nigeria’s political settlement – underpinned by the competitive electoral politics which should generate perverse incentives for ruling coalitions to look for short-term policy responses at the expense of long-term policy choices that deal with the structural challenges f§acing the Nigerians . For example, in education sector policy reform, ruling coalitions are said to have focused attention more on access issues at basic levels, at the expense of quality issues and access to higher education, which are critical for building the knowledge base for industrialization.

Similarly, the underlying distribution of power amongst elites has adversely incorporated elites from the northern parts of the country, has ensured a persistent inequality in the allocation of resource to the poorest Southern regions, widening the north-south divide in Nigeria. Lastly, the prevailing power configuration in the oil-rich eastern region has weakened the bargaining power of local elites and citizens in negotiations with the state over the benefits from the oil wealth, which negative implications for the emergence of inclusive forms of development in the Western and Eastern Region of Nigeria as a Federation

Hon Saheed Mosadoluwa during a round table meeting with his team

As a legal entity “IBILE PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY”, won’t face off with muskets on a battlefield or storm any political , law enforcement offices with pitchforks or torches. Instead, we will engage the “enemies of common man freedom and development ” in the arena of IPA platform through legal means , law in forces …..and take it or not , our ideas will be superior to that of oppressor and after the successful execution of Ibile peaceful assembly perspectives , the goal of Mr-Ibile will become the bolstering up of the communal ideology .

Once a soldier is always one, can you give us comprehensive reason/reasons not 2 belief that your grievances – as a member of PDP- gave birth to IPA .

Smile ! He who makes no mistakes never makes anything.” Saheed may be a supporters of PDP then , not a card carrying member of People Democratic Party , because of my belief in revolutionary idea of Dr Goodluck Ebele and his person which I have not regretted , even despite Mr Jonathan made series of mistake as a mortal . I started despise leaders of PDP as a party now that it is obvious that 90 % of them are corrupt and that of Dasuki gate alone and so on made us thank God that remove Mr Jonathan from office . Yes ! trillions were stolen during GEJ’s regime but the economy was better and the suffering was not this bad. To my logical analysis, from all the cases of corruption we hear about, if Nigeria made N100, and about 60 – 70 percent was stolen were stolen during GEJ tenure and things were still not this bad. The government of today needs to sit up and start working and stop buying time with blame game. We were waiting for ministers, ministers came still no difference instead the situation is getting worse everyday . Now : its issue of the budget Saraki stage playing trial .

Ibile Peaceful assembly is not about Saheed person isolated relationships with PDP or APC . Ibile revolutionary is the liquidity of life and unbridle spirit of humanism .

Hunger everywhere and those self acclaimed Yoruba leaders are everywhere pretending as if nothing is happening while their clientele politics patrons continue living in affluence and you think our vegeance is about those corruption confirmed in PDP that deceived us for 16 goods years by telling us the the power belong to people against 70% of them ,that change cloths to join deceit progressives campaigners ? No , absolutely Nooo ! peaceful revolution is the logical thing to do when confronting something as heinous as the deceit progressives campaigners and their business partners where they claimed power belong to people why its obvious and apparent as everyone now understand how they have stole and still stealing millions .

Hon Audullah Saheed Mosadoluwa

In an environment where we have large percentage of citizens as politicians, do you think this your concept will work? Remember the say “Egbe ladi bo fun”, which simply means, they ain’t fully comfortable with the candidates but the party either persuaded them or forced them.

It’s certainly an exciting day and age for Socio Political group like Ibile Peaceful Assembly . Never before have revolutionist like Mr-Ibile been able to leverage technology to spread their idea in Nigeria , their followers and each other so effectively to accomplish so much with so little. The wisdom and resourcefulness of the crowd has the potential to dramatically change the way that revolutionist and commune person now operate worldwide. By taking advantage of technology and the wisdom of the crowd, collectivity of other groups , leadership instinct bestow to me by Almighty God that create the opportunity to level Ibile Peaceful Assembly playing field .

My fascination with the concept of crowd-sourcing started back in 2014, as it did for many who read James Surowiecki’s brilliant book “The Wisdom of Crowds.” The idea that the collective wisdom of a large group could prove superior to the expertise of individuals is powerful. It has been proven out to a large degree by experiments both large and small. However, for the longest time, I wondered about the revolutionary aspects of collective wisdom. There’s no doubt that crowd-sourcing has plenty of technical applications, from prediction revolt to revolutionary intelligence. While there is certainly immense value to be found in those applications, I was more interested in how it would impact my fellow comrade on the street of struggle to inbuilt commune person politically .

Fortunately, in the years since my intuition hath create my awareness to how we can hijack political structure from those who achieve power through political subterfuge, many solutions have emerged that can help both Ibile revolutionaries and crusaders as we have leverage the crowd to solve problems we face on a daily basis and punch well above their weight in the political arena . All what we are creating the indulgence of members to realize is that any political party that failed to present a candidate with impecable character should be work againsts to pave way for a commune person to direct the helms our public office because the inner void must not be turned into an excuse for doing nothing; it must be used to create a desire for an all out revolt .

Capt. Saheed , (MD/CEO) Kabo Airline on a visit to Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa’s visit

Ibile crusaders are everywhere providing Peace revolutionary education for people around the Yoruba Nation. Presently we have 81,896 members from over 6 states in South western Nigeria who have started cultivating the peaceful revolutionary crusade message within themselves before sharing to their families, friends , their communities and hoping to spread the peaceful revolutionary message through out Nigeria as a whole until those our brothers in other region understand why they have to embrace peaceful revolution and stealth their swords as a means for fundamental change of oppressive political power structure that promote disunity of ordinary Nigerian . In addition, there are 349 Revolutionists from 96 local government who have been trained and equipped with logical instruments for peaceful revolution networking around the Yoruba nation and in Nigeria as a whole.

Our Members numbers still keep growing and we hope to see our members joining together hand-in-hand to share resources in federation peace development, peaceful revolutionary experience and special Mediation as form of alternative dispute resolution among the Youths.
With all of the television footage from countries around the world showing amour tanks blasting away homes and buildings in formerly peaceful Norther East of Nigeria , artillery shells and rockets raining down on the civilian population in all part of Nigeria, Kudos to NAF troops mowing down Nigeria enemy (Boko Haramist) and other threaters of peace with automatic weapons.

Don’t U think it’s simply through a peaceful revolution networking that our people can be build psychologically, politically and socially to see why we need to embrace a peaceful revolution spirit that can produce sober revolutionists to represent us in all political offices as we all know that people with revolution spirit always put communal value ahead of narcissistic inclination.

Nigeria constitution which is our precious document that sets our Nation apart from all others, provides a peaceful, legal method to bring about true freedom for ourselves and future generations of Nigerians. We just have to want it…. and it will be so. It real and its just that simple. We ceased not to take up arms , We shall not detonate bombs , but take it or not , we are going to programmatically remove those political oppressors from hegemonic position of power by peaceful hijack their political structure

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