Isaac Owusu Bempah – The Untold story of Ghana’s Controversial Prophet

The recent pronouncement and prophecies of the General Overseer and the founder of Glorious Word Ministry International, Apostle Isaac Owusu Bempah has made him to become a fiery prophet that to many he is controversial. The Man of God had given prophesies that make Government and the entire nation become apprehensive, to some other prophets in Ghana, the man has been a voice to reckon with. While to others he is too controversial. In this piece, Pleasure Magazine take a look at the untold aspect of the man at the Glorious Word Ministry. Many only judge him by his prophesies but don’t know the other side of him.
His Personality:
Taking a close look at the man, he might be considered to be unassuming, he looks so gentle and highly respective, a visit to the Apostle will give anyone a different view about him. Apostle Owusu Bempah has a very humble beginning and that has formed the way he responds to people. He does not ignore anyone who wishes to see him and very accessible, in spite of the many people around him, he still recognizes those who have always been there for him. He is a father and a very adorable person.

Apostle Isaac Owusu Bempah

Apostle Owusu Bempah’s major weakness is not to hear the problem facing anyone, the moment he hears, he takes the problem as his problem, he is so generous to a fault that many at times he will give till he has nothing on him. He had given many people cars, paid school fees of many students, assisted many people in solving their accommodation problems and many more. The Apostle is most time called Apostle of giving. He had given many cars to other men of God and some close persons to him. Through his foundation, many students have been educated and he is not relenting.
This perhaps is his major areas where he receives many blows, his prophecies are very accurate and stands tall in the prophetic ministry, no wonder why he is being referred to as an ‘Oracle’. To understand what word ‘prophet’ is all about, from a google search,  a prophet is a person who is believed to have a special power that allows them to say what a god wishes to tell people, especially about things that will happen in the future. A prophet is a spokesperson for God. The prophet admonishes, warns, directs, encourages, intercedes, teaches and counsels. He brings the word of God to the people of God and calls the people to respond. The prophetic ministry begins in the presence of the Lord. This aspect of the ministry is well described in Jeremiah’s challenge to the false prophets. “Which of them has stood in the council of the Lord to see or to hear his word? If they had stood in his council they would have proclaimed his words to his people and they would have turned from their evil ways and from their evil deeds”. Jeremiah 23:18,22.

When the prophet knows the heart and mind of the Lord, he speaks the word of the Lord to his people. He stands before the people as one who has stood before God. Because his words come from the heart of God they are powerful and effective. A prophet can undertake a huge variety of roles. This is an expression of the creativity of God. A prophet may act in every role occasionally, but mostly he will move in one or two of these roles. Now that’s Apostle Issac Owusu Bempah’s true definition, he speaks God’s mind to the nations of the world and to individuals. Not only that, Apostle Owusu Bempah is a father to many prophets in Ghana, he’s the founder of the present wave of true prophets in the country, he relates perfectly with his sons in the Ministry, he is always glad seeing his children in the ministry doing well. He occasionally visits his children the ministry and on invitation, he gives all when invited. Some of his sons includes, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Isaac Anto of Conquer Chapel, Prophet Alex Twum, among others.
Why He is Loved:
One major question that must be answered is why is this Apostle is well loved by his followers and children in the Ministry? Pleasures magazine scooped that the man has been a blessing to many, he has offered himself as sacrifice in many occasions to seek solution to many people and homes, he has been a support to people in one way or the other, at the recent invitation of the Apostle by the Police on his prophesies, the police headquarters was invaded by his members, fans on radio and from various churches of most of his children in the ministry. Some of the respondents to our question said, why should a man be maltreated because he was speaking the mind of God? But the simple reaction of the Man of God was different, he said he did not know why he was this loved by people, he said he will not relent in sharing whatever God shows him and will continue to live for humanity. “I feel very humble to see this crowd here to support me, I asked myself who told them and where do they all come from, I am really humbled, he said.
To many people, he has been tagged a politician, some say he belong the main Opposition party in Ghana that is why he has been speaking in their favour: “I am not a politician, I rather be for God than support a political party, the reason for calling him political Pastor according to one of his close associate is simple, “If he has been delivering messages in support of them they will not have problem with him, but he cannot obey of fear men and disobeys God. The associate said , he knows the Apostle speaks the mind of God and he will continue to do so.

Apostle Owusu Bempah with Kwame Amoh of Okay fm


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