This Bride’s Reaction to Her Husband’s Surprise Dance is Epic

There are choreographed wedding dances, then there’s this choreographed wedding dance. The bride, a New Orleans native and local morning news anchor and the groom, a native New Yorker and banker originally wanted to do a bridal party dance but were unable to coordinate it with their varying schedules and locations. So when the groom surprised his bride with a killer dance routine, professional background dancers and all, she lost her mind! We can’t get enough of this video, her reaction was priceless and a true reflection on the love they have for one another. Thanks to Apryl of Memorable Events for providing the video to us.

From the planner:

“If you let God hold the pen, he will write the perfect love story.” This was the theme of Jessica and Sean’s Norfolk, VA wedding. The two tied the knot on May 29, 2016. [Their] reception was held at Work Release, a local art gallery. The couple originally wanted to do a bridal party dance but found it to be difficult since everyone was located in different states. Both the bride and groom surprised one another with choreographed dances. The groom practiced in a dance studio with professional dancers to offer his bride the ultimate serenade. The bride thought that they were about to do the garter toss only to be presented with this dance montage.”

Videographer: Jaxon Photo Group
Wedding planner: Apryl of Memorable Events

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