TOLU DAVIS – The story of a Nigerian luxury menswear accessories designer

A classy and well-tailored suit will look good on just about anyone. But to really make an elegant suit stand out in the crowd, you’re going to want to pair it with some accessories. The right accessory can give a formal outfit a personalized flare or step up a more casual look to something more.
That being said, the amount of suit accessories out on the market can seem limitless. Even though there’s a lot to choose from, all accessories should be chosen carefully and thoughtfully. One gone wrong can crater even the finest outfit.

Reason why we took out time to search for one of the best suit accessories brands you should own to up your style and express your unique personality. NorthernCity Corp “Menswear” by ToluDavis.

His designs are as dramatic as they are edgy on today’s men. His uniqueness and creativity shine through his pieces. Tolu Davis, creative director, NorthernCity Corp “Menswear” has made bold statements with his Pocket Squares and ties label. Davis has styled fashionable Nigerian men with taste for bespoke pieces, from celebs to business executives, the list is a long one.
Discerning men know that Davis creates pieces that are timeless, that are never out of vogue. These are pieces that can compete with other international brands.
“My customers tell me the same thing,” says Davis. “I don’t go through magazines to create for my customers. I look at you and create something I think it’s you. So whenever you put our accessories on, you know it is uniquely for you. That’s what I think make my brand different from the others. I don’t do vogue. I do timeless.”

Tolu David – Creative Director , NorthernCity Corp “Menswear”

Clients visits Davis on a daily basis as he tells Pleasures Magazine’s Faith Kirian he creates every day. “I create every day and I try not to repeat for clients. I look at you and put the suit into perspective and create something specific that suits you, the colour time and all the other things I need to talk about in respect to what you are ordering at that time. I create every day.”

His brand, NorthernCity Corp “Menswear” is a exclusive proposal in fashion accessories for men, characterized by style, quality and originality through its designs. The brand’s fierce ambition is to make creative and characteristic accents for the modern Gentleman.

Davis’s eye-catching designs are inspired by the colourful fashions in his native Kogi state Nigeria. He brings that exuberance to all his designs, with his inventive 4-in-1 bowties and pocket squares in vivid prints. The company also offers custom services to let clients’ imaginations run wild by designing their own dress fixtures.

Since its founding in 2017, NorthernCity Corp ‘menswear’ has sought to provide elegant, yet understated, artisanal pieces to serve as the finishing touches on their elegantly attired clients across the globe. With a long list of celebrity clients, NorthernCity Corp ‘menswear’ aim to present the most unique and eye catching accessories, all of which are produced in Nigeria. This dedication, coupled with a diligent attention to his clients’ satisfaction and an overall pleasing experience is the brand’s modus operandi.

“NorthernCity Corp ‘menswear’ client is discerning in matters of taste and thus, “we are humbled and more than eager to provide painstakingly handcrafted products that satiates the demands of these gentlemen. Each of our piece goes through rigorous inspection to ensure only the most brilliant pieces are sent to all who take ownership of our products. We take great pains to use the best materials for our pieces. At NorthernCity Corp ‘menswear’, we feel strongly that, beyond the sum for a good, the more crucial intrinsic value all clients feel for our unique products only grows with time.” He said.

Even though ties have become a prevalent part of modern style, they aren’t necessary to pull off a classy look. However, a well-tied neck tie or bow tie will definitely elevate your outfit. Make sure that you have mastered your favorite knot to ensure your ensemble is clean and sharp.

Pocket Square
Add a splash of color to your ensemble with a silk pocket square. Choose a color and pattern that complements the rest of your ensemble, typically one that best matches your tie. There’s more to a pocket square than simply stuffing it in there. Make sure you know how to properly fold the square for maximum effect.

You can reach NorthernCity Corp on +234 803 076 7957 and facebook, Tholu Davis ,  instagram @tieguyy



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