Top 4 Fulfilled Prophecies 2017 of Apostle Francis Amoako-Atta

The prophethood exhibited by the founder and head of Freedom Chapel International , Accra, Apostle Francis Amoako-Atta , according to investigations, appears to be one on the side of development that must be taken serious. This is a prophet who prophesied the disappearance of Hiplife artiste Castro, known in private life as Theophilus Tagoe months before it occurred. This triggered this follow-up that has deliberately been embarked upon as a way of critically looking into how religious leaders can actually positively partner the state in matter of growth and development.
When contacted over the most recent prophecies the Apostle said, “My prophecies coming to pass is not for me to celebrate. I tell the government and peoples of the world especially of my home country, Ghana, whatever I am asked to tell them. I give thanks to God, however, whenever my positive prophecies come to past but feel so pained whenever the negative ones warned against but unheeded come to past due to nonchalance on the part of the affected people.

Pleasures Magazine has gathered top 4 forecasts that fulfilled.
Four of the prophecies, the Accra based man of God, Apostle Francis Amoako-Atta released via Pleasures Magazine in December 2016, has come to pass.

■ Prophecy number 1
“Many prophets and their churches are going to collapse this year because God is going to disgrace them openly. If you live life casually, you will end up a casualty. Prophets who deceive people, collects their properties, charge money, will face great judgment this year.”

(a). Popular Nigeria Pastor in South Africa, Timothy Omotoso is currently being held in jailed. Pastor Tim Omotoso was arrested on April 21 and he is facing numerous charges of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in South Africa.
(b) The sexual scandal involving a popular Apostle in Nigeria (name withheld)
(c). A Lagos based pastor was arrested on June 8, for allegedly beheading a seven-year old boy and burying his head at the church’s altar. He is currently being held in police custody

■ Prophecy number 2
“I see the issue of Dumsor and load shedding resurfacing, God said that this is one thing that will pull down the incoming government. Therefore the President elect must takes it very seriously, otherwise the masses will give up hope on him and it will be very difficult for him to fulfill his promises. He should make the electricity is first priority.”
The erratic power supply, Dumsor situation in Ghana is getting worst by the day, compared as it was in 2016. Even upon reassurance by the current minister, Hon Boakye Agyarko earlier in February, the plight remains the same.

■ Prophecy number 8

“I saw Breaking news coming out of Nigeria this year, there is going to be a coup d’état or the president will die.”

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari is currently bedridden and has remained in London since May 6. Earlier in the year he was away for 53 days for medical attention.
One the coup d’état
In less than two weeks after the president departure, the Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff Lt-General Tukur Burata raised an alarm over a plan coup, just as prophesied by the man of God, Apostle Francis Amoako-Atta

■ Prophecy number 12
“Ghanaian must learn to tighten their seat belts, the economy of the country will be very tasking and quite challenging. If care is not taking it will navigate into serious recession. I see strong hardship in terms of the economy. There is no magic in nation’s building , Ghanaians should rather work more harder.

In fulfilling of the prophecy, Ghana’s economy is currently on the low side, so far this year under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Ghana has experienced high increment of LPG Gas/ Oil/Diesel. 15% increment of transport cost. Electricity and Water prices still remain high.

■ Prophecy number 13

“ If care is not taking, crime and most especially robbery will be on the increase during the incoming administration, Ghana will face several security challenges”
One of the areas President Nana Addo’s administration has been found deficient is security. Lynching, hooliganism, arm robberies has been on the increase under this administration, ranging from the disappearance of cocaine at the Tema Habour, lynching of the late Major Maxwell Mahama to the activities of the Delta forces among others.

So far, experience has shown that words of men of God such as Apostle Francis Amoako-Atta are not to be thrown away without looking at the substance that is inherent in them for the love of country.

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