Tristan & Rachel – WhiteModern Glam Wedding in Houston, TX

On her wedding day Rachel looked “just like a beauty queen from a movie scene,” and that’s because she is. The former Miss Texas brought full-on glamour to her summer nuptials to the love of her life Tristan.
The theme of their wedding was “Organic Glam. Rachel loves to sparkle and be over the top, and Tristan grew up around a lot of nature and trees. So to combine both vibes they combined rustic elements of tree branches with modern and elegant vases. Every single detail was thought through with complete intention by the bride herself, down to the boutonnieres for the men that included monopoly pieces, an ode to the couple’s love for board games.

See all of the stunning details below.
• Couples Names: Tristan Thompson & Rachel White
• Wedding Date: July 10th, 2020
• Wedding Location: The Post Oak Hotel
Describe your wedding day.
COVID-19 has taken a lot away from many, but not love, not our moment. Tristan and Rachel went back and forth for MONTHS wondering if postponing the wedding was the right option. They opted to move forward while putting precautions in place to help guests feel safe – many guests from out of town could not come or did not feel comfortable and some still were willing to come from miles away to celebrate our love. Nothing in terms of planning changed except for doing our best to implement social distancing and encouraging (but not requiring) guests to wear masks.

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and for just a few moments you almost forgot what chaos 2020 has been… the best part (besides being able to have our wedding day), was that we could have our skyline/helipad photo session. It almost didn’t happen, but I think 2020 decided to show mercy on us for our special day… and we now have the most EPIC wedding photos I have ever seen.

Our photographer, Civic Photos, was absolutely amazing. Not only did he shoot our wedding day, but he also shot our engagement pictures and has just been such a joy to work with – photography is so important to me because that’s how you remember your special day and he made these experiences so special!
What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?
We did not do a first look, so the first time we saw each other was when I was walking down the aisle. Tristan was SO excited to see me, he didn’t even wait for the officiant to ask “who gives this bride away” – he just went and got me (it was cute)… and he cried like a baby… I mean CRIED. Every bride’s dream honestly.
I will never forget how big of a smile he had when we saw me coming down the aisle – it was such a long process through 2020 and to just stand there like “we made it.” meant everything to us.

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