We Deter All Odds To Provide Integrated Ocean, Air Freight Forwarding – Audullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa (DG) B.M.T.C

Hon. Audullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa is the founder of BMTC Group, a group of companies based in Nigeria, the U.A.E, China and United Kingdom. He became the first black man appointed to the Board of the Prestigious RMA (Ras Khaimah Movers Association) in 2011. Audullahi holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (2nd Class Honors Upper Division) in Criminology from the University Of Sharjah. He is a fellow of the Institute of Directors (Dubai Maloum) U.A.E. He holds also a 2003 Advance Diploma of the Aviation Training International (ATI) and also Air Travel Management from the Dubai College of Aviation.

With 18 years experience in the Freight Logistics/Transportation industry and 13 years in Air & Sea Freight Chartering Business, Audullahi has vast experience in international trading facilitating and that has enabled BMTC Group and New Horizon Agency to diversify to other business like exportation of Kosso Wood, Cashew and Charcoal from Nigeria to anywhere in the World. As the CEO of BMTC Logistics Limited, his wherewithal in strategic planning and implementation is the lubricant greasing the company’s wheel of success.

He constantly develops various products for the company for presentations at annual conferences organized by International organizations to markets and promotes the company’s services at seminars, conferences and other fora organized by various International Organizations such as OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International), AAR (Asia Association of Removers), FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders), IATA (International Air Transportation Association amongst others.

Moreover, in ensuring stability and growth, Audullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa (Mr Ibile) directs the company’s revenue-producing activities and programs and has primary responsibility for developing and expanding the company’s revenue base by developing new revenue initiatives, improving existing programs and activities, and recommending new policies or changes to existing policies that would improve revenue performance and the company’s services. Hon. Audullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa is also the founder of Ibile Peaceful Assembly, a civil and political organization with a focus on empowerment, capacity building and liberation of the masses.

Hon. Audullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa

In this interview with PLEASURES Magazine Hon. Audullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa, the founder of BMTC Group, a group of companies based in Nigeria, UAE, China and the United Kingdom gives an insight into how BMTC over the years has ease, import and export regulations and paperwork in record time in both ocean, air freight forwarding.

You are one of the big players when it comes to aviation business in West Africa most especially in Nigeria been the CEO/ GMD (BMTC Group) with your company involvement in Air and Sea freight and Custom clearing, how do you achieve this feat?
If you recall vividly BMTC Logistic Limited as a business faced challenges due the politically motivated case sponsored, filed against my person as the one with significant roles of the BMTC Group and I think the outcome of the case has informed everyone that my detractors sole aims are to tarnish my hard-earned reputation through media trial and persecution but glory be to God almighty that vindicates my person and the company where almighty God stand to be the principal chairman and appointed me as the group managing director.
For over two years during the legal tussles, we suffer a lot of setbacks all the corporate and personals account were frozen and that simply mean I have to shut down offices in Nigeria, Dubai including the China office because we have no access operational capital till the Nigeria Police Force Headquarter legal department get their time to look into all the issue in a way of overall investigation and issues legal opinions that the Nigeria Police Force and EFCC should not be used by whosoever to settle political scores and to almighty God who was with us through all the day in courts till the cases was finally dismissed in the court of law.
Beyond this, what keeps us going is the basic premise of our operations which is not limited to ensuring that whoever has the supply chain communicate with their trading partners, at any time. We develop totally integrated solutions that foster communication between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and end-users by optimizing the use of browser-based tools, cross-functional technologies, and e-business tools. As one of the leading Ocean Freight Forwarders, we offer efficient sea freight solutions customized to your needs. From Full Container Loads (FCL) to Less than Container Loads (LCL), on all major global routes, with guaranteed transit times, just as a major global Air Freight Forwarding Company, we take our delivery responsibility seriously. While our primary responsibility lies in planning and monitoring every project, our logistics experts are geared to observe and find different areas that will give you more expeditious results – be it while meeting with your project managers and suppliers to review material and equipment needed for transport.

We learnt all has to do with your revolutionary ideals been the face of Ibile Peaceful Revolution Network! Have you now forgone your political ambition?
As the face of Ibile Peaceful Assembly, I decided to sacrifice the facade known as social-identity for the sake of breaking the barriers by slashing through the facades of bourgeois decadence because my the revolutionary ideal is never about individualistic vanities or petty personal feelings of pride, it is about mass collectivization of Nigerians will. In that regard, my business does not stop me from spreading, teach, build and motivate to propel peaceful revolt just as they all know that I am fearless but not stupid; I know and hold the precision required to execute a peaceful revolution to liberation Yoruba nation.

You seem back stronger than ever.
Yes, all glory to God, we are back stronger beyond where we were before as you can note the BMTC Logistic Limited now have its presence in the United Kingdom, and will be back fully to China and India and turkey office to serve our customers before 24 May this year.

BMTC Group standing ovation in aviation sectors could not surprise anyone because some of your colleagues and customer reaffirms the fact that your person remains a game-changer in the field most especially on Hajj & Umrah Airlifting, Air & Sea Freight with Custom clearing service, It surprised everyone to see your name featured as the director-general of New Horizon Agency that developed FBN Health Insurance Scheme for Nigerian traveling to the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, UK, Canada and the United Arab Emirates, how do you achieve this efficiently?

We all know the fact that one great idea leads to the generation of many greater ideas and that is exactly what happened in the case of New Horizon Agency involvement in Health Insurance Scheme to bring capable hands together as FBN Hajj & Umrah Health Tahamin Policy consultant and that lead to more insightful issues that need to redress and I saw the opportunity in becoming the bridge in serving as the Third Party Administrator (TPA) service Insurance companies and International Healthcare and other service providers.

How do you manage national health insurance, without hitches?
Most if not all destination countries have some excellent hospitals and overall have great health care through their respective National Health Scheme but the fact is the services can be costly for short term visitors who are not insured as those countries Healthcare Policy has no room for people on either short business, leisure and visiting visa which they constantly sound the warning to all visitors to purchase health insurance from their home country. One could imagine some of the Nigeria Insurance companies are everywhere selling Health and Travel packages without proper arrangements to cater for the insured health at the destination of coverage’s they sold to insured and New Horizon Agency opined that for any insurance companies in Nigeria to sell Health Insurance for Nigerians traveling on a short-stay visa to anywhere in the world, the insurance companies need to have a solid arrangement in the form of agreement, memorandum of understanding with a certified Health Management Organization in the country of coverage that will attend to Insured of the Nigeria insurance company in a case health issues arise that need the attention of the benefits.

What should Nigeria travelers expect with New Horizon Agency involvement as the FBN Insurance Health Policy Consultant?
New Horizon Agency as FBN Insurance consultant vision is to promote and grow the capability of Nigeria Health Insurance suppliers to provide expertise, development and delivery of healthcare services to Nigerian’s traveling abroad.

It’s as if BMTC Group have discovered a fresh secret ontogeny of energies that keep on building up to greater heights, what are your sustainability plans?
We all know the problem facing businesses in the whole West Africa but with the current management team around me and the support from Hadjia Azizat Salami, and other directors even as I remain the only Nigerian on the Board of Directors has made running BMTC Group and New Horizon Agency look like climbing a steep mountain with potential hazards lurking around but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing our collective dream. You can see me at the disposal of financial risks in all our business to get us there or let me explain it more clearly that in as much the principal chairman of all our entities remain the Supreme-Being that pledge to make all look like I am
running water and as we all know that no matter how you try to stop water, it’s going to make its way and keep moving forward. Our past tribulation is just like when water is held up from every direction, it ends up getting stagnant and murky and almighty God make that happened from a different angle as I have seen and read the case of those who had been there that I know that finally scale-through, after the storms in my own case, inspiration and ideas come naturally because I have had the passion to fuel the being of my essence and with all, I decide to ventures my way to greatness as a seasoned professional who chooses the tried-and-tested ways to move forward.

West Africa today looks promising, how do you intend to contribute to the west African trade exchanges?
Please mark my word and put it on record for anyone that cares to see the project of progress and development we are working on. First, the New Horizon Aviation Agency been a Certified Carrier Agent in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and agent of Foreign Airline in Nigeria is now assisting airlines to smooth their operation in term of ground handling services, getting frequencies and landing slots at ease as We hope to merge Crystal Airways with Fly Pace Setter (Oyo State-Owned Airline) together to serves the world. We are only waiting for the state government’s final approval to take up. Aside from our proposing deep seaport in Ibasa to leak Ijegun back to Apapa Port and also there is no going back on Fly Pace Setter as you can also sight view plethora of opportunities that lay at our disposal to make it easier to build the seaport and we are in negotiations with DP world to give it the best-notch that can engage the gridlock in Apapa and Tin-Can port and give the best back to Nigeria to serves as the transit hub to all Africa as a continent.

Don’t you consider two heads working together in all these projects will get it done faster?
We are open to contributions and involvements in whatever aspect. It is the transportation of almighty God.


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